If you’re looking for an easy, free, and convenient way to stream TV shows and movies then look no further!  This guide will show you how to install XBMC and Navi-X to stream pretty much anything you could possibly imagine.

XBMC is a free and open-source media centre which can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, or AppleTV.  If you are running Boxee add the repository listed below.  Click the appropriate link below to get an installer for your chosen OS:

Windows | Mac OS X | Linux | AppleTV

You’ll then need to download Navi-X from HERE.

If you’re running Boxee : Add http://navi-x.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/boxee
to your Boxee repositories and select “Add To My Apps”.

Once you’ve got XBMC installed, fire it up and perform the following:

1)  Scroll down to ‘Settings’ using the arrow-keys and press enter to select

2)  Select ‘Add-ons’ followed by ‘Install from zip file’

3)  Navigate through to your downloads folder and select the Navi-X.zip file you just downloaded

4)  A notification stating ‘Navi-X has been enabled’ should pop up i

n the bottom right.  Press ‘Esc’ to go back to the main menu

5)  Scroll up to ‘Programs’, and select ‘Navi-X’



Navi-X is a little cumbersome to navigate, mostly due to the sheer amount of content available.  I’ll let you discover it all for yourself, but the easiest way to initially find some content is using the search functionality.

1)  Select Navi-Xtreme Media Portal from the top of the list

2)  Select ‘Search’ and you’ll be presented with a bunch of search options.  For TV shows and movies, your best bet is searching ‘navi-xtreme’ or ‘Videofriender.com’.

3)  That’s it!  Select the content and it’ll stream.